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Coaching professional, therapist, and mentor for 22 years.
He has created a proven method, the self-transformation code,
to literally shift your fate.







Transform from deep within from the comfort of your home
and live the life you are meant to live.

Join the fastest, most effective and powerful transformational
 place in the world!

If you have decided to grow, to overcome any challenge that comes your way and live in abundance, you are in the right place. I have learned from a very young age that if you put your mind and your heart into it, you can achieve the abundance you want. What I didn't know back then is there are life circumstances and past experiences that determine your path.

I experienced that by transforming very dark life circumstances and what happened in the past I can live my best life.
If you implement what I call today the Self-Transformation-Code you can shift your fate as I did.

The Self-Transformation-Code is a method I have developed for 20+ years of experience with thousands of clients, making my highest experience available to all, helping them to shift their fate. You can live the life you desire. Thousands of success stories throughout these 20+ years prove to you, that you can too.

I transform and guide people like you, those who really want to take a step forward and create solutions for themselves, to provide for their family, to learn and bring back to their life and their community.  

I am passionate to help others to shift their fates, no matter what cards life has dealt you.



With the breakthrough hub, you will save months, years, maybe even decades of trying to figure out how to become successful, find true love, propel your career, and experience the life you want.

How It Works

Experience Transformation


The Breakthrough Hub is conceived to make you achieve real daily breakthroughs and transformation in the most pressing areas of your life. 

The Breakthrough Hub combines online transformation, transformative online live events with Martin, and connected communities. It’s a single gateway that gives you unlimited access to transformational experiences.

We, together as individuals and as a community expand human consciousness to transform lives and build a better future for all.

The ultimate goal is to make you become powerful, feel happy, strong and prepared to achieve what you truly want in your life.

This is a space for you to create support, accountability, and friendship with other students. If you’re feeling stuck in your life, every single module is created to support you and help you overcome your biggest blocks. You will be able to identify what’s keeping you stuck, and be capable to SOLVE IT.

You will have the ability to elevate your life to the level you want. Create more impact, income and the freedom you deserve.

How to get Started


Step 1: Subscribe & Login

If you are new to Martin Altherr Global, by subscribing you will receive two different emails with your login details. If you are already a member of the Martin Altherr Global community, by subscribing you will receive an email confirmation with your login details. With both, you will be set to start.

Step 2: Take The Quizzes

These quizzes are designed for you to get to know where are you at, mirror your actual situation and help you move forward.

Access courses

Step 3: Get Started

The Breakthrough Membership gives you the capacity to invest in your personal growth in new ways. This means a revolutionized transformation, an inspired community and a lifetime filled with wonders.

Step 4: Join our Global Community

You will get to know like-minded people, ask questions, get the right answers. We build authentic conversations, plus more exclusive content; being the first one to get discounts, specials offers. 
Get to interact with Martin asking him questions and get the answers you are looking for. 

Martin Altherr Global HUB

Step 5: Get your most pressing questions answered

Once you are inside our community, you will receive an special invitation by email. You can send your most pressing question to Martin. He will get back to you with your answer via video.

We go with you

Access the Breakthrough Hub wherever you go.

We are always at your fingertips ready to guide you, 

and support you. Now you can learn,  in unique ways that lead to greater, faster growth. 

Some people want to read, others want video, others want to listen, and some people like their coaches live. You can have all of this, and more.

breakthrough Hub

Experience Breakthroughs For Just 4€/day


What You’ll Learn

We imagined a platform in where you could find 20+ years of experience,
and the Breakthrough Hub is the result of it.  

You may discover the Breakthrough Hub is a lot more fun and transformational that what you have seen so far. Breakthroughs and Transformation will keep on happening to you.

I had a lot of people in my waiting list, since I wanted everyone to benefit from it, I designed a program in
where you could start seeing shifts in your life without me being present.

Life is there to give you joy, freedom and fulfillment, isn’t it?
A Breakthrough Hub Membership opens your mind to new concepts and gives you access to

 tons of exercises, online workshops, online live events, Q&A's and more.

New exercices and programs are added frequently and the selection of topics increases.

Now Included In the Breakthrough Hub Membership

Becoming a Member Unlocks Advantages You Can’t Get from Enrolling in Just a Single Course. 

Attend Monthly LIVE Q&A's with Martin

You’ll be invited to join engaging live Q&A's in where you will have the opportunity to unfold the feelings or stressors that may affect your day-to-day life. The approach is very collaborative and in a safe environment.

You discover new ways to approach challenging situations that will support your well-being.

You’ll also enjoy not just a great session, but the chance to connect with others Members around the world, and get the opportunity to chat, ask questions and participate. Achieve a life of deeper joy and fulfillment.

  • Breakthrough Exercises for the four most important areas of your life: Love & Relationships, Business & Career, Money & Wealth, and Spiritual Consciousness
  • 14 ebooks to deepen the topics you want to improve
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions with Martin Altherr
  • Access to the Fate Shifter LIVE streams + everything you need to get started and to have instantly daily breakthroughs
  • Access to the Fate Shifter Facebook group for additional support
  • Access to the Fate Shifter Facebook group for additional support
  • Martin's secret hacks to get powerful results in short time
  • Case studies where you can learn from others experiences
  • Step By Step instructions on how to get tangible breakthroughs and transformation
  • How to choose the right exercises for best results Mp3 download of the exercises to also have offline access    
  • Get your most pressing question personally answered by Martin via Video

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What do people say about the Breakthrough Hub


Unfortunately, as a coach, I am highly selective about who I trust with personal matters, so finding someone suitable was very difficult. Thank God I had a good friend in my circle of friends who told me about his successful experience with Martin.
In the first call, it became clear to me that Martin works with extraordinary ease in-depth, and the work with him can only be successful, and so it was.

Rebeka B



20 years ago, when I founded the Self-Transformation Code, I did not know that its power would shift thousands of people's lives, including therapists, doctors, and Hollywood actors. The Breakthrough Hub is based on this method and opens an entirely new door for you.


The Breakthrough Hub covers the mighty four of life (Money, Love, Business, Spiritual consciousness) and these four are in their roots strongly interconnected. So wherever your main focus is, you will experience your breakthroughs, and the other areas support your focus on all levels. This is the true power of the Breakthrough hub.


Yes it does, and here is WHY:
The Self-Transformation Code impacts the human challenges at the roots.
After applying it to thousands of individuals the method has proven that in fact,
 it works for everyone. 


You will definitelyexperience breakthroughs from day 1,
and real transformation is also possible.

Hi, I'm Martin

Life is meant to be the most beautiful and exciting experience happening through you. Supporting people who have had a hard time creating this most beautiful and exciting experience, we all call life and helping them to make it real for them too has always been a great honor for me.

Helping them transform all the limitations that have held them back and then hearing from them that they finally experience the career they wanted, they have found a wonderful partner that they have now more than enough money to live life on their own terms always fills me with great joy.


Or to accompany people who believed that they got a bad fate in life and help them find their way to shift their fate and to see them laughing and happy again is priceless. It might be that you have experienced so much pain in life, and you just don’t believe anymore that there exists hope.

You may also believe that you have tried everything, or worse, you no longer believe in a better life at all. Let me tell you this: "This beautiful and exciting experience “life” exists for everyone who is ready to take the needed steps.” To find out why it also counts for you and how it will work for you, you can't go wrong with giving yourself the chance to learn how. 

The last 20 years of helping people transform their lives and shift their fate gives me the confidence to guarantee that you can experience this beautiful and exciting life, I am talking about. I have been blessed to marry the great love of my life, my soul mate, and together we were able to create our beautiful and exciting life. People from diverse life situations, employees, entrepreneurs, Hollywood actors, athletes, doctors, therapists, have put their trust in me and thus were able to achieve what previously seemed impossible for them.

My very personal concern for people is that they can experience, it really is possible to shift fate. If my wife and I were able to do it, you can too.