Are you open to shift your fate
and change your life forever?

Martin Altherr is a coaching professional, therapist, and mentor for 22 years, 
who has created a proven method, the self-transformation code, to literally shift your fate.

fast and effective


All the imprints that contradict your desired experience will be identified and transformed.

The entanglements in your family system, which you have almost always made in love without your conscious knowledge, will be made aware and dissolved in love.

The moment everything holding you back is transformed, you are ready to manifest your genius with ease, and you begin to understand your higher purpose.

You learn to understand the laws of reality and you will develop techniques to use these laws in your favour and for the better of all involved. You create the power to impact the world regionally, nationally, or globally if you wish.


  • Overcome self-imposed fears
  • Breakthrough unconscious limitations
  • Reprogram what is leading to undesired results
  • Discover who you truly are to become who you truly want to be
  • Build up your confidence and your value
  • Let go of your "old self" and shift your identity to the "new" you
  • Define your personal blueprint

When I met Martin Altherr, my life was very much characterized by failure. Of course, I had already built up quite a bit. Together with my husband we had already built up two companies and again and again we were confronted with different problems. These were real challenges, and at some point, I was so fed up with them that I finally allowed myself to get help. Working with Martin, our relationship suddenly straightened out and, interestingly, so did our businesses. We are overjoyed with our new family member and thriving businesses. Thank you, Martin.

Elisabeth G

More than 30 years ago I made my life's dream become a reality and opened a beauty salon. However, the last few years became more and more difficult, and a solution was needed. I met Martin Altherr at a workshop and what he achieved with 78 people in only one day convinced me so much that I signed up the same day to the waiting list for 1 on 1 sessions. When my time to work with him had come, my self-esteem increased in just a few sessions, my positioning got reshaped and I obtained a second business, which I can now profitably expand.  

Angelika F


  • Break through money limitations
  • Regain your freedom of choice
  • Eliminate the "I can't afford it" status
  • Raise your confidence to raise the amount of money
  • Excel in building your wealth
  • Recalibrate your money identity
  • Shift from the survival mode

If someone had told me before I met Martin that I would get 25 thousand francs within five weeks, I would have called that person crazy. I knew my financial situation and that I was not born to be rich. I also explained this to Martin when he told me that this was most likely just a limitation that I had caught through an imprint or a family systemic identification. Well then, I started working with him and five weeks later the money was actually flowing. Crazy! But super cool.

Sabine B

From 12.- Euro per group training to 2000.- Euro per one-to-one training. Working with Martin was almost like experiencing magic. I was also one of those who smiled when he said that it was possible to literally shift fate. His offer was solid, and I thought it was a good marketing slogan. But then working with him, my reality began to change within the first few sessions. By the end, my fate was completely shifted. What I had always wished for became reality with ease. For me there is no doubt anymore. It is possible to shift fate.

Katharina K


  • It's your birth right to find love and be loved
  • Leave the battlefield of dependencies
  • Own the rules for setting proper boundaries
  • Reveal what always leads to undesired results
  • Reignite the flame and step into the next level
  • Transform your imprints and entanglements
  • Shift your fate and experience a fulflling relationship

Separations were always big challenges for me. I always knew that this is normal, but what always led to a big confusion were my efforts to stay in a good friendship with the separated partner. I started with Martin's Relationship Secrets Masterclass, that  alone helped me to achieve great clarity. This convinced me so much that I also wanted to work on other topics with Martin and the results are simply overwhelmingly beautiful.

Pascale S

Working with the tools Martin provides and working with him personally in group and one-on-one calls literally saved me from a life with a narcissist and years of addiction to this. My work with Martin began at an emotional low point that really scared me. I hoped to find a solution, but never dreamed that I would be able to break free and change so many other areas of my life. Thank you so much for the great life I finally get to live.

Veronica E


  • Shift your heart into unconditional love
  • Get familiar with yourself at all levels
  • Master the laws and design the reality in your favor
  • Get in touch with your sacred self-love
  • Speed up your transformation processes
  • Raise your energy levels
  • Transform what is holding you back from your spiritual path

Martin Altherr met me at a "Higher Purpose" workshop I was conducting in Switzerland. Typically, most of my seminar and workshop participants are on the path to their higher purpose and so far, in working with over 100,000 students, I have only encountered 11 people who have already lived their higher purpose and were able to answer all the questions used to verify it without question. Martin was number 12 and already well beyond that, already progressed on his path.

Tim K

My life evolved more and more towards a mess. Very different fears began to creep in. If I wanted to develop in my profession, relationship, and personal life, I needed support in my spiritual knowledge and practical application of my spirituality. Martin was recommended to me by my partner, and since I was able to experience his incredibly significant development very closely, I began to work with Martin. In the very first session, he identified an unconscious issue that I thought was resolved. Six sessions later, my fears were gone, and after a few more sessions, I was so free that I could also consciously influence my job and money flow.
I shifted my fate!

Anita E