This is an invitation to shift
your heart
into unconditional love


Our world has reached a pivotal point in history.
Much that has been taken for granted is in the way of disappearing, and we are being called to shift our hearts into unconditional love.
We are shifting from a fear-based society based on scarcity, lack, and judgement to a future of abundance and love.

This shift is happening right now in every aspect of our lives: spiritual, economic, and social. We allow ourselves to be guided by this understanding as we stay true to our core values while also embracing change in what we do and how we do it.
This shift will not just change your life and the lives of those around you;

it will re calibrate the very core of human consciousness.


Humanity is facing a BIG LEAP, and now more than ever we need to shift our hearts
 into unconditional love.
Martin shares how you can take this leap, why it’s so important, and what it means

for your future.
If you are at a turning point in your life, then what you choose to do next is vitally
important for your future.


For many of us, the changes that are happening on the planet have been a slow and challenging process. We are not sure what is happening or why it is happening this is precisely why Martin has put together this webinar to help you understand what's happening and how can you make this shift beneficial for you. 

By shifting your heart into uncondtional love, you extensively
raise your vibration with ease;

You will empower yourself to move through challenges quickly,  

as well as create a happier life for yourself and those around you.


Martin was born with an energetic gift in 1969, in a picturesque small village in Switzerland, with the special name “Himmelried” (heavens reed). However, his parents found out that he was born with a special gift when he was about 5 years old.

Whenever his parents had any pain, back, knee, headache, little Martin would put his hand there and a few minutes later the pain was gone.
Martin began that time to increasingly talk about entities that could be met in the house, in the garden or in the village. In particular, he talked about a shadow that would threaten him in a passage in the house.
His fear became so serious that his parents investigated and found out that a hanged man had been found there a few years before they had moved in. When they were shown pictures of this man, they were shocked, because the hanged man looked exactly as Martin had described him.

Many years and many experiences later it happened. Martin had been working with clients for 18 years, helping them shift their fates so they could live happy and successful lives. He visited a training with Tim Kelly, where it was about spiritual trusted sources, Tim talked about four characteristics that so far among several 100 thousand of his students only 10 people had fulfilled and it turned out that Martin was the 11th, even without having gone through Tim's program.

Martin had already acquired the necessary skills to directly begin the training to become a teacher in the special methodology of Trusted Sources. The next thing that happened in the seminar with Tim was that Martin received his highest purpose. It was to help people shift their hearts into unconditional love.

When asked why shifting the heart into unconditional love, he described, and this was in 2016, that in four to six years a big leap of humankind would begin. What Martin described at that time and what would happen is exactly what happens now six years later.

At that time, he kept emphasizing that he felt this task was far too big, even though he understood, why it is necessary.

A few weeks ago, Martin realized that it is time, and he is ready.

He said, "I feel a great joy and at the same time a great humbleness. The waiting is over, it's time!"

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