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Self-Love is the fundament of whatever you want to achieve, and whatever you want to enhance to a bigger scale. It is the fundament of all your successes. Use this technique to deeply fall in love with yourself. Apply this exercise once a week or at least every second week to have best results.

A relationship follows rules and laws similar to the reality all living being share with each other as a space of experience. Follow the path to absolute trust and experience inner peace and freedom in your love relationship. Agree with your partner to always apply this key #1 whatever the situation seems to be to have best results.

Gratitude is a first step and to make gratitude a transforming tool it needs a complete scan of everything that is with you and that surrounds you in all your life circumstances. To follow the guideline in this exercise helps you to create an environment that is complete and supports you all the time. Apply this exercise once a month or at least every three months to have best results.

Through the deepest connection to yourself you unleash the ultimate power you have within. In that moment you find this true and deep connection to yourself within you are able to understand who you truly are and you are capable to project your power into the outside. A power that makes you irresistible, unstoppable, and ultimately creative. No need to say how this will impact your life’s fulfillment and success. Apply this exercise once or twice a week and reflect your experience to have best results.

Get a deeper connection to yourself, to your environment and to other people. It helps you to become aware of what are your emotions and what are the other people’s emotions. A regular practicing of this exercise helps you to differentiate fast what supports you and what has a toxic impact on you and in consequence you will make better decisions. Do this once a day or as often you feel comfortable with it to have best results.

Every room and place you visit, in every handshake you give, and in every relationship, you engage, you leave a bit of your energy there. Sometimes it even happens that you give away a part of your essential energy body which belongs to you the whole life and instead you either have an empty space there or even worse, you fill it with an energy that does not belong to you. Complete your energy body again by claiming your Energy. Do this at least once a month to have best results.



Increase your network and your potential participants of your network. Build relationships that are pushing your business or your career to the next level. Once properly done you have to update it monthly or weekly to have your best results.

You need to create more revenues? You need your business or career to be more productive? Or you need from everything just quite a bunch more. Then these two tools are doing the job for you! No matter if it is about new projects or if you want to go next level with an existing project. These two tools will do unexpected magic for you. Apply them daily to have your best results.

Get clarity about if you are doing the right thing. Find out if you are meant to do it or if all you thought is the right thing was an illusion. Assess your current situation to get clarity about how you chose, what you have chosen, and which choice would change everything in your life as you wish it to be. Apply this exercise so long until you got clarity for best results. (If this exercise is not yet giving you enough clarity, then go to the section of the BONUS exercises where you find an exercise to clarify it.)

The more powerful and energetic you are the more you are seen, and the more people will follow you. This is one effect of this exercise. The other effect is that you calm and focus so much that you are even in stressful situations like presentations, business meetings, a one-on-one meeting with your boss or a deadline you can not comply with, relaxed, strong and confident. Apply this exercise whenever it is necessary, and you will reach astonishing results.

You want something or a situation to take place in your life and you are wondering why it did not yet happen, this exercise usually fixes what was going wrong. Apply this exercise daily or at least once a week to have your best results.

A powerful tool for all who want to reach success easily. The first thing is to look at success in a new perspective and then to increase awareness about your needle movers and your true roadblocks. Investigate in depth what are the real issues that are stopping you from being successful. Apply this exercise once a week or at least once a month to have best results.



Together with a new relationship comes the need of beliefs that support your relationship with money. If there is not enough money in your life or if you cannot breakthrough a certain amount of income, then there is an imprint in your money beliefs that is holding you back. Apply this exercise once a month to have your best results.

Create a new relationship with money and clear your emotions and thoughts you have towards money. Experience the impact of action and reaction with money. This game is highly important in order to shift your perception when it comes to money. Apply this exercise daily until you have an inspiring and exciting relationship with money to have your best results.

No matter how less or how much money you have, this will increase your money-flow extraordinarily. If you are seriously about increasing your revenues, you have to implement this exercise. Apply it once a week or at least once a month to have your best results.

Even if you have understood that you should invest in yourself here is also how you will be able to do it. This advice helps you to focus to always have enough money to invest into yourself. If you are already over the here described level then tweak the numbers and you have your simple but effective tool to invest into yourself. Listen to this once a month to remind yourself to have your best results.

Ever wished to go on a date with money? This is your chance! This exercise shows you all the hidden blocks and hindering imprints, patterns, and beliefs when it comes to money. This exercise gives you the opportunity to have a serious conversation with money. Apply this exercise once a month to be able to correct those things that are going wrong and to have your best results. this exercise whenever it is necessary, and you will reach astonishing results.

If you have beliefs about money telling you that there are rules against you which are written in stone or if you have beliefs that there are limitations, you will never be able to breakthrough then this exercise is what you want to do. Apply this exercise until you have fulfilled it and then you repeat it again to have your best results.



If you want to grow into a powerful Self-Esteem you need to learn to evaluate yourself the right way. This exercise helps you to take the right steps towards Self-Esteem and trains you in evaluating yourself the right way. Apply this exercise daily to have your best results.

Experience who you truly are. Connect to the center of the earth and connect to the universe. Become the pulsing heart between earth and universe and let yourself surprise what you see when you see who you truly are. Apply this exercise as often you feel ready for it or use it to power-up your day to have your best results.

You want to connect more with your energies, and you want to experience them to discover your own energy and to connect more deeper with yourself and with your complete system. Discover also how your mental system is wired with your energy system. Apply this exercise as often you like or feel playful enough to discover your energy to have your best results.

You are an empath, high-sensitive, and you feel that you are mentally tired without having a real reason. Or you experience from time to time how in a foreign environment suddenly your mood changes or you become sad without clear reason. You lose energy by unconscious being connected with your environment. Apply this exercise daily to have your best results. nfident. Apply this exercise whenever it is necessary, and you will reach astonishing results.

You want to enhance your charisma and your energetical field of influence to level-up your impact. This is after the “Energetical Ballgame” the next level of using your energy field to express yourself. Apply this exercise as often you like or feel playful enough to discover your energy to have your best results.

Sometimes there are disturbing energies, negative thoughts or even bad wishes from other people that can disturb your inner balance or even worse they can impact you while you try to rest or sleep. This is a highly effective tool to protect yourself and your loved ones even in foreign rooms. Apply this ritual as much as you need it and refresh it twice a week to have your best results.



The family system and the positions in the family are extraordinary important for a well rooted self-esteem and for the ability to live a free and abundant life. This exercise leads you through a process where you can experience how a family system should be aligned to have it as a source of love and power. To avoid confusions during the exercise, check the article below. You can do this exercise as often you wish.

This exercise helps you to get a clear overview what you truly believe about money and gives you an insight in how you have money already integrated into your life. You learn about what is holding you back to breakthrough and you get help to take your next steps to create more money in your life. Do the assessment in the first year every three months and from then on once a year.

Find with this exercise the answer if you are made to be an entrepreneur or if you feel just more save as an employee. You go through a process that helps you to identify yourself in both situations and gives you clarity about what you wish, what you want and how you are emotionally positioned with it. You can apply this exercise a few times if you are not yet satisfied with the first result. I recommend to you to wait at least a week until you go for a second time through the process.

This exercise is the one to pick if you want to transform a pattern that is holding you back into a new one to get from life what you want. You learn every single step to detect your hindering pattern and to dissolve your hindering pattern. Prepare yourself with a pen and paper to take notes. You can always use this exercise when you think that there must be a pattern you want to transform.

This exercise is a tool to restart if there was a reason that ended your relationship or to bring back the fire of love in your relationship. You learn also why a relationship ends after an abortion and how you successfully can restart to stay together. This tool you can apply whenever you wish or need.



In this client feature, Claudia Kaman shares about connection, her company SOULGUARD, and her experiences of working with Martin Altherr

In this client feature, Yasmine Ghorashi shares about her invention, her company SHOU-SHOU KIDS, and her experience of working with Martin Altherr.

In this client feature, Daniel Gasser shares about his story of struggling, his company PROVEN EXPERTS, and his experience of working with Martin Altherr.

In this client feature, Sarah-May Cohen shares about her story of meeting me, her company COACH ME I’M FAMOUS and her experience of working with Martin Altherr.

In this client feature, Mario Juernitsch shares about his company PROFOBA, his path he took with Martin Altherr and his experiences of working with him.



Learn about the impact of your origin on your self-esteem. How roots and wings are connected to your life and what you can do to level-up your life experience. How all this can impact your sex-life or move your business into limitless revenues and why blocked roots constantly deprecate your self-esteem.

How is your health related to breakthroughs and fast transformation? How to increase in energy and how this is connected to money, to relationships and to your career. What sleep has to do with your performance, and which amount of sleep really makes sense and many more.

Addiction appears in so many ways… Alcohol, any sort of chemical and natural substances, eating, sex… the list is endless. One of my clients offered to share his story and experiences he made while we were working on his addiction.

Learn about what is behind the curtain of attraction. Why do people fall in love with each other and gives them the feeling of falling in love? You will discover here a fact which you maybe never have considered yet.

One of the most overseen reasons why two individuals attract each other, and why this can lead to heavy tensions and lots of pain later in the relationship. Meet a couple that was at the end of the rope and went with me through the process to finally have the fulfilling and inspiring relationship they were longing for such a long time.

Is abundance really for everyone? What does it mean in depth when people say money is energy? What is the error of thinking when it comes to money? Learn why you never earn more than you deserve to earn.

The effect of imprints and systemic entanglements on life is as incredibly strong as it is different. Meet Sabine who shares her story of how she got out of a seemingly hopeless situation within 5 weeks 25’000 Swiss Francs by working with the self-transformation code.

What is transformation, Self-Transformation and what is the Self-Transformation Code? What is their benefit for your life? Which elements are involved when it comes to roadblocks and how you get out of it. How the Self-Transformation Code got created.

When it comes to limiting beliefs, the crime of outshining is one of those beliefs that hides perfectly behind behavior that is usually seen as something good. It hides behind great admiration, love, deeply felt respect, and so on. The effect, however, is anything but good. It leads to slumps in sales, serious injuries in relationships, and much more.



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