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First and foremost welcome to Martin Altherr World.

 On behalf of Martin and his team, we wanted to welcome you to the absolute GOLD self-transformation code, here you will create impactful transformations FOR your life.

To get you started on the right foot, please follow the “First 3 Steps” we recommend to all newcomers.





Gregor F 

I had heard a lot about Martin, but I thought it was impossible to influence my fate or even, as he says, to shift it. However, the pressure in my life increased each year, so I decided to give it a try. Of course, I conflicted with my relationships, profession, and calling, especially with myself. All of this led to some pretty chaotic circumstances in my life. However, within twelve sessions, my life was not only tidied up, but life also suddenly had an unprecedented quality. Today I know, you really can shift your fate.

Margrit G

margrit g

Martin Altherr was recommended to me by my nephew, and since I had already tried just about everything, I didn't want to try again. Throughout my life, I was bullied at every workplace and in my private life, too; many friendships broke up again and again for inexplicable reasons. I then took another run at it after all and am infinitely grateful to my nephew and myself for that. Through the work with Martin and his programs, my life changed in a short time, and the bullying stopped almost as if by magic.



Where conventional methods focus on the problems and how to deal with them, the Self-Transformation Code focuses on solutions and how to enhance the new accomplished freedom.
The system of Learning as a Transforming Dialog is one of the entry blueprints to the Self-Transformation Code, allowing you to transform your Imprints, belief systems, epigenetic codes, and systemic entanglements.

The Self-Transformation Code helps you to:

- Identify and dissolve what is holding you back.
- The restrictions disappear.
- Your perceptions, feelings and actions shift.

The change is at once, effortless and anchored.



All the imprints that contradict your desired experience will be identified and transformed.


The entanglements in your family system, which you have almost always made in love without 
your conscious knowledge, will be made aware and dissolved in love.


The moment everything holding you back is transformed, you are ready to manifest 
your genius with ease, and you begin to understand your higher purpose.


You learn to understand the laws of reality and you will develop techniques to use these laws in your favour and for the better of all involved. You create the power to impact the world regionally, nationally, or globally if you wish.


Martin always goes straight to the point. It can get challenging, but it makes the pace of the transformation extraordinarily fast. It could seem like it won’t work for everybody, but I can confirm that I witnessed pretty incredible breakthroughs — the best experience I have ever had so far.
I am looking forward to more to come.


I am impressed. No matter which topics I want to approach with Martin, he offers perfect solutions and leads me fast and safe to the desired result. For me, it is like magic.



Whenever you feel constrained in your life, whether it is a fear of moving forward, situations where you feel uncomfortable, lack of confidence, something subconsciously holds you back. It is not allowing you to overcome the situation.

Your actual life experiences consists of all beliefs, behaviour patterns, imprints, and systemic entanglements.

Your highest behaviour control units are the imprints.

If you have worked on your mindset, and yet, you still keep on repeating the same behaviour despite the fact you have been working on it, then there is a coded imprint that doesn’t allow you to choose differently. 

Therefore, imprints are holding you back from living a successful and fulfilling life.


Interpersonal bonds and the resulting life experiences within a family system proceed from three primary levels: order, balance, and bond.
On an unconscious level, your entire family is connected by a system. Your unconscious awareness goes down four generations deep before you and even further in rare cases.

An imbalance in order leads directly to a distorted perception of reality and thus to undesired events in your life.

Direct injustice within your family and injustice from your family's past leads to an unconscious need to atone - to balance this injustice. However, by doing so, you become entangled in life experiences that are not yours, and your life unconsciously takes a path that you would not consciously choose.
When the bond is broken or distorted by circumstances, usually suffering results, which affects your entire life experience.

All three levels run unconsciously, and you perceive them as a given reality. Many also call this fate. These are systemic entanglements that can be untangled with the Self-Transformation Code.


Scientific news is demonstrating the effect of epigenetics on a person's life experiences with increasing clarity. Epigenetic studies show that changes in a person's external environment - his life experiences and even his choices - can influence the expression of his otherwise unflexible DNA code.

In principle, a corresponding code passed on to the next generation, for example, from your parents to you, does not necessarily have to be passive or active. However, it can either be directly active or activated by an influence in your life.

This also happens on a level that is not consciously understandable to you. You feel it as fate. In reality, however, there is the possibility to switch such an unwanted influence that is active back to inactive. Your life can unfold again, free of this influence.


Veronica E 

Working with the tools Martin provides and working with him in group and one-on-one calls saved me from a life with a narcissist and years of addiction to this toxic relationship. My work with Martin began at an emotional low point that scared me. I hoped to find a solution but never dreamed that I would break free and change so many other areas of my life. Thank you so much for the great life I finally get to live.

rebeka b

Finding myself in toxic love relationships over and over again has had such a negative impact on my life that I desperately needed to do something about it. Unfortunately, as a coach, I am highly selective about who I trust with personal matters, so finding someone suitable was very difficult. Thank God I had a good friend in my circle of friends who told me about his successful experience with Martin. 
In the first call, it became clear to me that Martin works with extraordinary ease in-depth, and the work with him can only be successful, and so it was.

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